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There aren't enoungh words to speak about Billy who has been my best friend since she was born in 1993.

 I have been thro hell and highwater while she always trusted in me....

I simply would not have lived without her love and care...

Billy was born on 18th Sepember 1993 in St. Anne's Nursing Home. I was watching her being delivered and knew her from the very first minute of her life.

I named her after Antonina in the epic novel Dr. Zhivago; her middle name Judith came as a tribute to the physicist-astronaut Judith Resnik who died in the Challenger expolsion in 1986.

After the divorce I fought tooth and nail to get her custody when the whole world told me that it would not be possible... and then I finally won, against all odds...

Billy, the pet name comes from TJ in Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

She started schooling in 1998 at Holy Family Convent, Dehiwela where she excelled in English and won some 32 prizes, at school, zonal & district levels.

Ten years later in 2008, I realized that this perfomance will not stand the test of time as her school had no teachers; the teachers were on strike or not marking examination papers; and only god knew who will recognise our local GCE anymore...

 From June this year she started at Alethea International School  where she studies Accounts, Business, Economics, Maths, English, English Literature, Computers, Enviornmental Management & Sinhala Language  for the  Cambridge GCSE Examinations 2010.

Billy sat her Grade 6 Trinity College, London  (Speech & Drama) Exams this month. In Grade 5 she had an average of 83% overall and missed a Distinction by just 2% points. View her Grade 5 & 7 Certificates

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She continued Speech and Drama with LAMDA  Grade 7 exams which she passed in April 2009 with an idea of returning to Trinity College Diploma   Exams after the GCSE work is off.

Billy is a very hard-working girl, average in class but with some enormous talent inside - piano, guitar and vocals. See Billy on the Guitar

Yesterday she tells me that the choir had no one to play the guitar - she had just asked what key are you playing on? and then simply picks up a guitar and plays on D# major!

A couple of years back I sent her to learn ballroom dancing. She was so good at it that after her training she became an assistant to the teacher for some six months until I decided that it was enough...

On her first dance outing she won the award for the "Best Couple";and that was at the Anula Dance at the Mount Lavinia Hotel. See snaps taken after the Dance

Now she attends a class in Kandyan dancing.

She has a Blue Belt  in Karate though properly should have had Yellow Belt (3rd) by now had not the grading tests been delayed by the Dojo.

She is in a Hindi Language class and can read and write better than me - this is now on the back burner due to school work load.

Apart from these achievements she has a natural flair for cooking that I hardly ever have to go into the kitchen except when we do something new.

She is the most selfless person I have ever known in my life. She would give away whatever she has to the poor and needy anytime and goes out of the way to do it too. Loves all animals; makes sure even the stray dogs are fed! We have a cat - Gilly...

Most of all it is her independance that is striking to anyone. She does all her stuff herself - even my stuff like marketing, cash withdrawals, my washing and upkeep of my clothes.

Well, what could I say anymore; she is truly a gift of god to this world!


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