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Every seafarer knows how tedious it is to fill up a job application form. It takes about 4 hours or more despite me being pretty well organized.

You need to put in the numbers, issued dates, expiry dates, issued place, issuing authority and what not of all your Certification and other documents.

The worst is entering your sea experience. Some companies not only require the Signing On/Off dates but the seatime in months and days.

Companies like Maersk have their application form in macro-enabled Excel sheets that do the calculation once you enter the dates.

But most companies have their application form in Word format. So you need either the Windows Calculator or one that can make date calculations.

it is very difficult keep switching between windows unless you use a second monitor connected to your laptop as I have. (Control Panel-> Display -> Extend Displays)

Recently I came across an application form which not only requires the seatime for each contract but also ship-type wise and further rank wise!

To do these date arithmatic (acrobatics) is not easy if done manually and is prone to errors. So I wrote a fool-proof excel application which calculates all of these in two related worksheets. (two tabs)

I have used the standard 30 days per month for conversion. However, the number in the 'Days' column are the real days onboard.

You can with this link download the Sea Time Calculator  workbook. You need to enable macros to use this!!!

Once you download, save it with a name you like. On the "Ranks" Tab enter your Sign On/Off dates against the respective vessels, with your Rank and the Ship Type. You may add a new row on top or delete the top row with the buttons.

If you do not find the Ship type (Gas, Chemical) or your Rank (Engineers) in the dropdown lists please E-mail Me and I will send you a customized workbook to suit your requirement.

You will not be able to enter a different ship type from the dropdown list. It will be rejected. Entries are validated to prevent spelling errors and facilitate calculation.

You can only enter data on the Ranks Tab. The Types worksheet will update automatically.

You may notice that being 35 years in the shipping industry I have only 12 years of seatime. This is because I spent 20 years as a Marine Surveyor ashore, may be stupidly, giving my life to make money for someone else!

You may also notice that sometimes I have only a month of seatime on some vessels. These are either due to an emergency relief, delivery, or simply due to someone not liking my face or me not liking someone's face!

In the Junior days we never got off ships unless kicked out or for exams!

I have gone to great depths to make this application idiot-proof but if you have any suggstions to make it even better please let me know...

Happy Sailing!


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