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Sri Lanka Top Sites
Sri Lanka Top Sites
Intel 8088

This is the Intel 8088  processor which went into almost all the PC clones at the time. I bought my first clone in 1988, a month  after I got my first command on the Mahanuwara. It cost another half a months pay but was slowly deducted off my salary as I bought it from a sister company which owned my ship.

At the time we used DOS and nobody hardly ever bothered with Windows as it was in version 2.1 and the screen looked weird if you used the windows programs as such as cardfile...

The software current at the time was Wordperfect, Lotus 1-2-3 and d'Base IV.

My machine had a modest 20MB hard disk to which I later added another 40MB which I myself installed after buying it from Karachi; ran around like a blue assed fly when it did not work! nobody had told me to partition it until I found the solution by pure accident...

I also added a 8087 Math Co-processor which speeded up the machine.

I used this faithful machine for 8 good years, until 1995 before I went in for my first Pentium machine which came with Windows '95.

With the new operating system came my first exposure to the internet as the University of Moratuwa where I was a lecturer gave internet access to all the academic staff. I also got meself a private e-mail address in addition to the mailbox I had at the University.

At the time in 1996 I tried to convince many people that communication by e-mail was more faster and more cheaper than sending faxes. As is usual, nobody believed me; the reason given was that it was not secure to do business by mail. Today, it would be hard to believe how we did any business without the internet and e-mail!

In 2002 I bought a Pentium III machine which is still in use as a back up, networked with my main computer, a Pentium Dual Core.

This computer I use now is a Pentium Dual Core running at 2GHz with 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD. It also has a DVD Drive and an additional DVD R/W drive. I use a HP-3940 Deskjet Printer and a HP-2400 flatbed scanner.

This website you are in was created using MS Visual Web Developer 2008 - Express Edition  which is available freely.

To make a website or otherwise one needs a variety of other software to optimize documents.

In this respect I use a host of software such as Adobe PDF Maker, Photoshop, VSO Image Resizer  and interestingly one web based Web Photo Resizer

This last utility is of particular value as it resizes and optimizes the images to a base of 400 px (L or B) keeping the aspect ratio.

It is helpful to standardize the size of the images unless you want them in the raw and on full scanned proportions. The download time is dramatically reduced when you have a standard... and do not forget to insert alternate text into the pic frame... so that there is a pointer to the image while it being downloaded.

Two of the greatest challenges that a web designer would come across is to make a Photo Album and a Feedback Form.

The latter requires writing XML and XSLT style sheets - which I am studying furiously at the moment.

Photo Albums are easy to make with  J-Album  and if one has a few gray matter upstairs they could be intergrated to your page links using <iframe></iframe> tags.

Now that you have created your website it needs to be advertised on the search engines and indexed by them. You also need to install tracking codes to monitor your vistors.

The best search engine is Google, at the moment not to mention Livesearch, Yahoo & AltaVista.

In submitting your site to any of these search engines you require to submit a sitemap.xml where upon it will index all the pages of your website. The web pages themselves have to have metadata on the headers. Finally a robot.txt file needs to be added at the root directory.

Now you can submit your site to Google Analytics  and use Google Webmaster Tools

You can also submit your site to Yahoo Site Explorer  and MSN Webmaster Live Tools

In case you need more advise on site submission please E-mail me.


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