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Since the advent of the computers onboard most ships have a dedicated draft calculation software. However, as a surveyor I still carried with me, my own Excel program in a neat pen-drive... always comes in handy when the ship's own programs do not seem to work... or when they lack Class Approval.

I have posted it here for those who might need it as many have asked for it in the past. It is a generic program which is adoptable to any ship using the ship's current hydrostatic data.

The program has 5 tabs; a blank form, an initial survey form, a blank form for final survey with initial calculations embedded, a final calculation form and then a summery of both surveys with the cargo out-tun.

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For those who are more discerning officers there is an excellent maritime package of Draft Survey Calculation, Lashing Calculation and a Route Planner on the XCBA.com  download site. I have used this on a bulk carrier and it is very effective.

One need to enter the ship's hydrostatics initially and thereafter life becomes a song!

The Route Planner produces a Voyage Plan as required by the STCW-Code A-VIII/2 Part2 - Quite a neat piece of work and is handy for any 2nd Mate...

What I recommend is, take the installation package (an .exe file) on your pen-drive when you go on board and install it on one of the machines on board - not on the machine that runs the Loadicator please!

With the arrival of Satelite Navigation and the GPS ship's officers have lost the art of taking a sight. But what I have noticed during my surveys is that they are not even taking a compass error which is very important for safe navigation...

The pain of having to do ABC tables probably is the cause for this.

I used to have a working copy of the SightMaster for Windows which makes it extremely easy to use with compass errors as well as identification of stars. Unfortunately due to copyright infringements it is not possible to share this software any longer.

If anyone is interested you may go to the  Dolphin Maritime Website  and download the software and licences from there.

Many times surveyors skip the volume correction when calculating bunkers and this can cost money, especially when dealing with a large quantity delivered. Shell has a BunkerCalc Program which greatly simplyfies this task and it runs on a PC.  Download Here

I also have a very intelligent seatime calculator. Go here to download it

Happy Calculations!!!

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