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I had no interest in Astrology at all when I was a schoolboy... who cares?

Mothers do... One wise owl told her that I will not continue my studies but will go to sea... and that is how I became a Captain... That now is history...

I met that gentleman later and he used to predict my day to day life I and was getting addicted to him.

In short, I could not have a pee without asking him if it is OK!

Then he made a drastic miscalulation which cost me 3 months of seniority and bad blood. I stopped going to him... or to anyone to figure out what I have to do with my life...

With the greatest repect for Late Mr.Arulpagasam; he was about 95% right, 95% of time!

Asrology is good and even excellent as long as one does not solely live by it...

It is a proven systematic science that belies all known physical and chemical concepts... transcends across religions and is not easily understood...

I had more than a fair share of misfortunes in life that I thought were not in order for a nice guy like me...

I decided to go see an astrologer after all... It was mainly about my child's disappearence from home...

Astrology is connected with Palmisitry and other Oriental Sciences such as Ayurveda:

"Lines have not been traced without cause in the hands of men, They evidently emanate from the influence of  heaven and from human individuality"


One of the first things he told me about my child was that she is undergoing Rahu & Venus; is this child at home? I say no...


Then he tells me that I too am undergoing a Saturn period...

Excuse me... I don't understand anything of this...

I need some simple answers... Is she going to come back home? Will she study? Is she married?

The answers are 3 'No"s! But then who knows?

I came home thinking "Oh shit, I must learn this! Then I don't need anyone to tell me about Venus or Saturn!

Since then I attend an Astrology class and am generally considered the most curious, brilliant and the smartest in class... thanks to my teachers at Royal College  Colombo who taught me good mathematics and logical thinking.

I am more of a computer buff than an astrologer...

I have written a few programmes for astrology students and for the general public for their day to day use without having to refer to tables.

These are stictly not for sale

Kendra Blank Form

Panch Pakshi  - Download and save... Requires Macros!

Kaala Hora  - Kaala Hora Predictions and sub division - Download and save... Requires Macros!

Dasha Table  - Calculates Antar Dasha & Vidasha when given the date of the Maha Dasha.

For Students:

Horoscope, Navamsa, Neketh and Dasha Calculation (a basic time calcution available yet) Student's Tools

By the time I finish with this Astrology Class I will have many of the tables in this almanac automated to my style & convenience....


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